Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is an adoption site for foster cats for the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County. Stop by our hospital during business hours to meet our foster cats. To complete an adoption after meeting your match, bring your adoption application to The Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County and pay your adoption fee and obtain your new cat's paperwork, then return to us at Met Vet.

Each adoption includesVeterinary wellness examination, spay or neuter surgery, microchip with national registration, initial vaccines, pet care counseling, initial flea treatment, Feline Leukemia testing, cardboard cat carrier, collar and toy.

Download your adoption application.

If you adopt a Met Vet foster cat you will receive a $25 credit on your client account if you choose to bring your new cat to us for their free wellness examination!

One of the advantages to adopting an adult cat that has been in foster care is that you get to learn all about their personality and behaviors BEFORE you take them home!


Welcome Mona and Martha! 

These bonded tortie sisters are absolute sweet hearts and are looking for a human to claim. They like to snake around ankles and follow heels, however, they won't trip you up. Mona and Martha are definitely smart! 

Both have distinct personalities. Mona is more extroverted and will leisurely place herself on a comfy piece of furniture and be an observer. Martha errs on being a little shy, more cautious, and introverted. They both are curious and definitely want to get to know you.

Mona is longhaired and Martha is shorthaired. They both love being pet and receiving chin and hind scratches. They are a perfect pair to relax on a lush sofa and enjoy watching the rain fall down. You'll have one on each side sandwiching you.  

Hurry in to meet these precious torties. They are a special pair.

ID#A515896 Adoption Fee:$60.00

ID#A515897 Adoption Fee:$60.00


Welcome Amber! 

If you want a cat that is all sugar on top, Amber's your girl. She is irresistibly loyal and so wonderfully mellow. 

Her favorite past times are to scout out new places and be brushed galore. She has a gorgeous medium-long haired coat to keep pretty and shiny. She would be grateful for daily grooms. 

Amber is quick to trust and wants to be your one and only. At twelve, she is looking for the perfect retirement which would be a quiet home, low energy/stress with a medium height cat tree. Afterall, she is an observer and will make a great listener for an owner who can use a second set of ears.

Before Amber's arrival, there was mention of inappropriate elimination concerns although, since she arrived to the Humane Society and Met Vet, she has had zero occurrences of such an issue. 

Hurry in to meet such a down to earth personality. This senior kitty is full of heart, offers affection, and deep companionship. Amber is best suited for a couple or individual. Children are too high energy for this uber chill lady. 

ID#A496698 Adoption Fee:$60.00


Meet Binx! He's our latest arrival from the Humane Society and is looking for his forever home.

He is full of head butts, some drools, and actually listens to commands like "sit" and "high five"!

Check out the video here: 

As you can see, he has a large area of fur shaved. Binx arrived to the shelter as a stray wounded from a cat fight he was running away from. He is in recovery mode and is super grateful for the care he has received. All in all, he is in good health and tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia.

Binx is good hearted, eager to please, and more than happy to make your day! He will do best as king of the house.

Come meet this smarty pants!

ID#A515098 Adoption Fee:$60.00

Check out our page at Nat's Cats on Facebook. We will be collaborating with local artists in hopes to promote our foster cats in need of loving forever homes.  Our goal is to provide awesome artwork of our current foster cats, to you, while also benefitting our foster cats in need.