Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is an adoption site for foster cats for the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County. Stop by our hospital during business hours to meet our foster cats. To complete an adoption after meeting your match, bring your adoption application to The Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County and pay your adoption fee and obtain your new cat's paperwork, then return to us at Met Vet.

Each adoption includesVeterinary wellness examination, spay or neuter surgery, microchip with national registration, initial vaccines, pet care counseling, initial flea treatment, Feline Leukemia testing, cardboard cat carrier, collar and toy.

Download your adoption application.

If you adopt a Met Vet foster cat you will receive a $25 credit on your client account if you choose to bring your new cat to us for their free wellness examination!

One of the advantages to adopting an adult cat that has been in foster care is that you get to learn all about their personality and behaviors BEFORE you take them home!


Say hello to Carley!

This little angel is super soft, affectionate, and very curious. She's three years old and would LOVE a tall cat tree she can climb. She likes watching activity perched from above.

Carley is a medium-length longhaired kitty with a splash of white on her chest. It's sooo cute. This fluffy girl is hilarious!

She is not shy about what she wants and is all about cuddles and pets. Have trouble getting up in the morning? Carley is your rooster! She will greet you and chatter away saying, "Rise and Shine!"

Carley warms up a LOT when around people and just wants to connect. Grooming her is one of the best ways to bond. She just loves being scratched especially under her chin. This kitty is a show stopper and sashays the floor like a ballroom dancer!

We do not know her experience with other cats or dogs and it is best to do a slow integration a new environment.

Hurry in to meet this loving goofball. She'll be your good luck charm!

ID#A486627 Adoption Fee: $60.00

NICK and NITE - Bonded Pair - ADOPTED!!!



Say hello to these adorable fellas, Nick (on right) and Nite (on left)!

Both sweethearts, Nite is definitely the extroverted sibling. He will scope everything out and does like heights and watching current events outside. Nick on the otherhand, is more subtle, a little shy and likes to keep to himself. Nick will come out of his shell when catnip is presented. He's pretty silly when he gets going.

Nick and Nite are very loving and have had a positive experience around dogs. They are definitely a playful pair at a young 2 years old. They'll be sure to give you a lifetime of laughter, attention and filmable material.

Hurry in to meet Nick and Nite. They will double your good luck!

Bonded Pair - Adoption Fee 2 for $60.00

ID#A520681 - Nick 

ID#A520682 - Nite 


Say hello to Rose!

Oh gawsh, this little princess will burrow a spot deep in your heart. Ice blue eyes, fur soft as silk and a disposition of utter gratitude for being with people, she is a thief of hearts.

Rose likes being around hoomans and loves being spoiled with catnip and being groomed. She has a great appetite and her hair is filling in beautifully. 

Rose is a touch shy in new surroundings however her curiousity and confidence win the day. An ankle rubber and quiet observer, she is quite zen. This little lady will also melt right in your arms and your lap. Uber chill, this two year old sweetie will bring so much joy and adorableness into your life.

We don't know her experience with other cats and dogs, and think she'll blossom in a home where she can your one and only. 

Come on in to meet this easy going gal!

ID#A519766 Adoption Fee: $60.00

Check out our page at Nat's Cats on Facebook. We will be collaborating with local artists in hopes to promote our foster cats in need of loving forever homes.  Our goal is to provide awesome artwork of our current foster cats, to you, while also benefitting our foster cats in need.