Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is an adoption site for foster cats for the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County. Stop by our hospital during business hours to meet our foster cats. To complete an adoption after meeting your match, bring your adoption application to The Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County and pay your adoption fee and obtain your new cat's paperwork, then return to us at Met Vet.

Each adoption includesVeterinary wellness examination, spay or neuter surgery, microchip with national registration, initial vaccines, pet care counseling, initial flea treatment, Feline Leukemia testing, cardboard cat carrier, collar and toy.

County Pet License is an additional fee ($12-$16) and may be purchased at Met Vet or via the county website.

Download your adoption application.

If you adopt a Met Vet foster cat you will receive a $25 credit on your client account if you choose to bring your new cat to us for their free wellness examination!

One of the advantages to adopting an adult cat that has been in foster care is that you get to learn all about their personality and behaviors BEFORE you take them home!

SQUEAKS - Was Happily Adopted!

Squeaks is a special gal, known for a patient, affectionate, and trusting nature that can only come with age.  At 10 years young, she has gained a bit of life experience, and knows exactly what it takes to be an excellent companion.  She will be generous with head butts, purrs, and snuggles when you need her most, but also enjoys a quiet corner with a good window view. 

Chatting is one of Squeaks' favorite past times - she has plenty to share with you and will always keep your secrets safe.  In addition, this gal makes a great desktop buddy.  If you work from home, Squeaks would love to assist you.  With efficient mouse skills and impeccable keyboard napping abilities, you can't help but be impressed! 

Overall, Squeaks is looking for a quiet home,  where she can while away her time lounging in the sun and curling up on a nice warm lap.  Squeaks doesn't have much time for other pets, but would love to be the center of your world.  Lookin' for love? Squeaks is waiting to spend her life with you!

ID# 497464 Adoption Fee: $16.00

County Pet License is an additional fee ($12-$16) and may be purchased at Met Vet or via the county website.

CHEWBAKKA and TUXEDO - What a Week! These Two got Adopted too!

Introvert and Extrovert, Brothers for Life, Two Peas in a Pod. Handsome tuxedos dressed to kill, they seem like an unlikely duo and will show you how they shine. Tuxedo, the elder, is outgoing and enjoys sitting in a warm lap as he shows his drooling affection. Yes, he loves giving you attention as well as receiving it.

Now, as for his brother...he is keeping an eye on you to make sure you check out just fine. He does hide out until Tuxedo lures him to play. They have a golden rule, to take care of eachother and you. So come on by and meet the two opposites.

Some factoids about them: Chewbakka is 5 years mature and Tuxedo is 10 years wiser. Both prefer the company of adults and don't mind small children and do well with other kitties. Dogs on the otherhand they do mind. Can you tell, they just want to be the center of your household. Both will need time to adjust in a new home through a slow introduction.

Chewbakka ID# 495502 Adoption Fee: $16.00

Tuxedo ID# 322219 Adoption Fee: $16.00

County Pet License is an additional fee ($12-$16) and may be purchased at Met Vet or via the county website.

GODIVA - Saving the Best for Last! She got Sweeped up Too!

Godiva, Godiva, Godiva - are you the heroine one is searching for? A heart richer than the darkest chocolate, you can bet that she'll be right there for you.

Her intuitive spirit speaks volumes! She is an extremely patient and compassionate feline and will undoubtedly become a very dear friend. A truly special cat, she is a rich chocolate brown color and a has a cute walrus mustache. Generous with sandpaper kisses, she'll make your days brighter. 
If you choose her, you can look forward to undivided attention and colorful commentary from her.

Godiva has had a chronic gastrointestinal condition that will likely require a special diet and/or medication for the long term. We do not know her experience with small children, cats or dogs. This huggable 8 year old would love to begin her new indoor life with a nice and slow introduction. Hurry in to meet her - she is one of a kind.

ID# 495009 Adoption Fee: $16.00

County Pet License is an additional fee ($12-$16) and may be purchased at Met Vet or via the county website.

Check out our page at Nat's Cats on Facebook. We will be collaborating with local artists in hopes to promote our foster cats in need of loving forever homes.  Our goal is to provide awesome artwork of our current foster cats, to you, while also benefitting our foster cats in need.