Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is an adoption site for foster cats for the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County. Stop by our hospital during business hours to meet our foster cats. To complete an adoption after meeting your match, bring your adoption application to The Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County and pay your adoption fee and obtain your new cat's paperwork, then return to us at Met Vet.

Each adoption includesVeterinary wellness examination, spay or neuter surgery, microchip with national registration, initial vaccines, pet care counseling, initial flea treatment, Feline Leukemia testing, cardboard cat carrier, collar and toy.

Download your adoption application.

One of the advantages to adopting an adult cat that has been in foster care is that you get to learn all about their personality and behaviors BEFORE you take them home!

Bonded Pair | SAMMY & MIA - **ADOPTED!!!**

Welcome Sammy and Mia! These bonded siblings are inseparable with quite different personalities.

Sammy is above his sister Mia. They are both beautiful seal point kitties. Sammy is adorned with white to tell them apart. Sammy is the most social whereas Mia is especially introverted at the moment and timid of her surroundings. 

You can say both are opposites. If you are a person who has extra patience and are cat savvy and willing to embrace their quirks, we believe that Mia will emerge from her silo to join good company which would be Sammy and you.

An ideal home for them would be a very calm, quiet and "do what you do" laid back approach. 

Sammy is 8 years young and Mia is 5 years old. They get along swell together and would love to be part of your family as the only pets.

SAMMY ID# 530021 | MIA ID# 530022 [BONDED PAIR]

Adoption Fee:$60.00 for both 


Welcome Sunshine!

If you are looking for a kitty that is just going to settle in right away she's your gal. Sunshine is super laid back.

She prefers to hang out, stretch out and do nothing really... spending most of her day napping... You could say she's the perfect couch potato or pillow/seat warmer.

Her personality is great for someone who wants a cat who is zen, who will chat with ya, and be a thigh cuddle buddy. 

Sunshine won't interefere with your time on the computer - she could care less about stepping all over the keyboard, however, she will make sure you notice her if she wants your attention.

Sunshine is a good, wholesome, old soul at six years young.

Hurry in to meet this ray of light. She'll brighten the darkest of grey days!

ID# 525898

Adoption Fee:$60.00


Welcome Moonwalker!

She is an alert petite one year old kitten who is looking for someone who wants to play, will spoil her and give her ample space to learn and grow into her catness.

Moonwalker is super smart and has an easy going demeanor. She would probably love a tall cat tree to race up in seconds and have as a nice grip to stretch her long legs on.

Agility may actually be a great activity for her as she is attentive and quite a listener. Training her tricks and commands at such a young age would probably be an exciting adventure! 

We don't know her experience with kids, dogs, or other cats and think that she would be best as your one and only kitty.

Moonwalker will need a slower introduction in a new environment to acclimate. Moonwalker likes catnip too, well, what cat doesn't? 

Hurry in to meet this beautiful tabby today!

ID# 529157

Adoption Fee:$60.00

Check out our page at Nat's Cats on Facebook. We will be collaborating with local artists in hopes to promote our foster cats in need of loving forever homes.  Our goal is to provide awesome artwork of our current foster cats, to you, while also benefitting our foster cats in need.