At Met Vet our team always strives to keep your pets as healthy as possible. Dr. Warren recommends having your pets visit us annually, even when they don't appear to have anything "wrong" with them.

Now for the GOOD STUFF: As an incentive for early birds who want to make sure their pets are on the books to visit us, we're offering a discount to everyone who schedules their appointments in advance!  Schedule your pet's Annual Wellness Exam or Semi-Annual Senior Exam prior to or on their due date and receive 10% off of the exam and associated services for that visit.  This also includes any recommended labwork at routine exams (ear cytologies, eye staining, blood panels, fecals), x-rays and toe nail trims. 

Keep your email up to date with us to automatically receive e-mail reminders when your pet is coming due for a visit.

Not included in the 10% discount: strictly problem-oriented exams, prescription and OTC medications and products such as pet food, dental chews, flea medications, etc.

Why we recommend Annual Wellness Exams