At Met Vet, we love to support our community and we enjoy featuring the artwork of local artists in our facility and invite you to stop in to peruse the quarterly rotating collection.

We have a spacious lobby/waiting room and 3 exam rooms, all of which are equipped with a hanging rail display system. Depending on the size of your work, roughly 6-20 pieces can be displayed. If you are interested in showing your work at our clinic, please let us know! You can e-mail for more information.

All Art Available for Purchase now through September 30th. 

Amanda Gamble - Mixed Media/Photography/Digital Art

Amanda L. Gamble is passionate about telling stories through bold, competing colors in her paintings, color photography and creating the opposite through her black and white images.

Born hearing impaired, she was placed into an aggressive speech and language program at 3 years old to learn skills she missed in order to catch up and function in the hearing world. 

Because hearing was secondary, she learned to compensate through sight.  Relying on listening to visual cues, subtleties are more noticeable to her in everyday life.  

Seen in her photography, Amanda captures objects she perceives are ordinarily missed or overlooked. Certain moments are indicative of what has been left astray and perhaps forgotten about among its environment. 

Wanting to know the true story hits curiosity right in the heart, evoking the imagination to run wild. What are your thoughts? What do you see? What stirs you? Contemplating the object's position is interesting and makes for good conversation.

Amanda's paintings are statement pieces. Some of them reflect coincidentally earth from afar. The organic methods she imposes creates a flow that will not happen twice. What results is purely chance because she is truly in the moment with brush in hand and paint on canvas. 

Her linear works are more structured, however, they too are created with the same technique as the organic pieces. 

In translating sight, feelings and sound to material form, Amanda ultimately brings you fresh, spontaneous, authentic, and ever-expanding art forms. 

Nadine Hamil - Artful Dreamers Studio

I am a certified Master Intuitive Painting and Expressive Arts Facilitator and Creativity Coach. My art studio, Artful Dreamers Studio was created to facilitate painting from the heart in a safe guided space for students. 

In addition, I facilitate art retreats empowering women to embrace and trust their inner guides to unveil voices and feelings yearning to be heard. Every time I paint, my heart bursts with joy, love and peace. I believe creativity is healing.

I like to think of myself as kindred soul, full of sparkle and glitter, a pillar of light and laughter, a nurturer, goddess and sister of Earth; and… a fairy godmother! 

Upcoming Artists - Fall through Winter 2018

Starheadboy - Dave Bloomfield - Sept. 30th through Dec.30th

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I am a  self taught visual artist living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My style is split in two, half is expressive animals and a little realism. The other side is bold line drawings that are more along the lines of comic and graphic design style. Imagination is my fuel, the ideas drive me.

Sarah Gil - Paint/Draw/Design - Dec. 30th through March 31st

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