At Met Vet, we love to support our community and we enjoy featuring the artwork of local artists in our facility and invite you to stop in to peruse the quarterly rotating collection.

We have a spacious lobby/waiting room and 3 exam rooms, all of which are equipped with a hanging rail display system. Depending on the size of your work, roughly 6-20 pieces can be displayed. If you are interested in showing your work at our clinic, please let us know! You can e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Now Featured 

Carolyn Osborne | January 5th through March 2019

SAVE the DATE!!! Artist Reception, February 11 | 5-7pm

About Carolyn: 

Carolyn Osborne is a Tacoma born artist.  She has created art, almost constantly since about the age of five.  (However, one of her first drawings was at the age of two with a pink crayon on her mom’s dining room wall).

Carolyn is primarily self- taught when it comes to her art.  She did attend the Art Institute of Seattle just after her daughter was born in 1990 for Layout & Production Art.  In the early days she worked exclusively in watercolor, acrylic, ink and charcoal.  Specializing in the human form, she would have 2 art shows per year for many years, through adulthood.  Later she decided to buy a kiln and continues to also work in fused glass.  Carolyn creates jewelry and other glass art. With the passing of her brother, she began Sacred Embers memorial works.

Her painting has gone through many waves.  Depending on her mood, Carolyn loves to create realistic charcoal and watercolors but also has delved into the mixed media arena with abstracts of great color and texture.

Carolyn resides in Fircrest and works on her art when she is not in her shop, Creative Forces in Hotel Murano in downtown Tacoma. 

Visit: Sacred Embers 

Upcoming Shows

Jennevieve Schlemmer | April 2019 through June 2019

About Jennevieve Schlemmer: She has an extensive background in sculpture, public art, and fiber arts.  But her main love is drawing.  She loves to play board games and RPGs and enjoys the novels of Guy Gavriel Kay and Iain M Banks.  You can find more of her work at and Short Leg Studio.

Julia Russell, Photographer | July through September 2019

Masha Fikhman, Artist | October through December 2019

About Masha Fikhman: Masha Fikhman is a Tacoma based artist originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She takes inspiration from nature, animals, music (like ABBA and Beach House), and interplanetary hamsters. While primarily a painter, she also enjoys experimenting with different art materials such as clay, resin, and fiber arts.

The cat lady series came from an idea of hairstyles as cats or cats as hairstyles. The biggest challenge with this series was figuring out a way to position each cat in a way that still made sense as a hairstyle. My goal is to show women and their cats as a strong willed pair to be reckoned with.

Besides art making, Masha also enjoys collecting plants, dancing, disco balls, naps, and laughing at her own jokes.

Shannon MacFarlane, Slobbered Lens | Photographer/Illustrator | January through March 2020

Past Artists

Kris Vermeer | Internationally Known Artist

October 6 through January 5th, 2019

Lorraine Toler 

Stadium High School Illustration Department

Student Artwork 

Sarah Gil

Starheadboy - Dave Bloomfield

Amanda Gamble


Nadine Hamil, Founder of Artful Dreamers Studio

Liz Leines


Zane Leines

Nori Retherford

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Gary Johnson

Riki Thompson

Lara Grauer

Carolyn Schneider | Standing Stones Photography & Design

Alexis St. John


Jennevieve Schlemmer

Carol Meckling

Jennifer Bloom

Gerald Wiley

Alexis St. John

Michaela Eaves

Carolyn Burt

Keely Willoughby

Sandra Offutt

Mark Larson


Janyce Sukow

Lynne Farren

Roxanne Burns

Katie Lisko

Linda Hummel

Summer Kozisek

Cathy Fields

Ellen Miffitt