Local photographer Gerald Wiley

Now through September

I am a Washington state native, born in Sunnyside. Our family moved often to different towns in eastern Washington. Part of those years were spent living on a farm where I developed a love of animals. During my teenage years I had some interest in photography having a darkroom for developing and printing black and white photographs. After graduating from high school I joined the Navy attempting to become a photographer. Unfortunately, I was trained in the rate of Intelligence Specialist, where I analyzed photos taken of Soviet vessels and of merchant shipping in Asia. Looked at lots of photography but none taken by me.

After my Navy years I found employment with the Postal Service and have worked there for over 30 years. I pursued other hobbies and except for the occasional vacation, put my interest in photography on hold. Approximately seven years ago my wife asked if I could take some pictures of our cats. I purchased a pocket sized 6 megapixel camera and my interest in taking pictures was reborn. Years and several better cameras later I am an avid photographer who almost always carries a camera and takes lots of photos. My favorite subject is still animals although I will capture images of anything that catches my interest.

I enjoy taking photos for other people, who seem to like my work, and as I am nearing retirement hope to devote more time in that endeavor. I especially like taking pictures of people with their pets.

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