Don't turn your nose to your pet's bad breath. That odor might signify a serious health risk, with the potential to damage not only your pet's teeth and gums but its internal organs as well. Treat your pet's teeth as if they were your own.

Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital provides extensive dental services for our patients. These services include both preventive and therapeutic dental work. Dental services provided are prophylaxis (thorough teeth cleaning), examination of teeth and gums post-cleaning, polish and fluoride, subgingival curettage and root planning, therapeutic periodontal treatments, and dental extractions. Good oral health is one of the cornerstones of preventive health care for our patients.

Steps to Better Oral Care:

  1. Plaque & bacteria can colonize on teeth in 24-36 hours, Brush it off every day before it mineralizes to calculus
  2. Apply Ora-Vet barrier sealant weekly
  3. Dental chews and treats may help if you can’t brush your pet’s teeth
  4. Specially formulated foods can also help during the in-between times
  5. Dental exams should be performed by your veterinarian at least once a year

How to Start Brushing:

View this short YouTube video to see how easy it is!

  1. Introduce brushing gradually – it may take several days or weeks
  2. Make initial sessions brief and positive
  3. First, dip your fingers into bouillon or tuna water and rub fingers over the pet’s mouth and teeth
  4. Introduce gauze on your fingers with the same flavor juice and begin rubbing the teeth in a circular motion
  5. Put a small amount of toothpaste for pets on your fingers and allow the pet to taste it
  6. Finally, apply a small dab of pet toothpaste on a moist toothbrush and allow the pet to lick the bristles
  7. Begin brushing gently at a 45 degree angle away from the gum line
  8. Only the outside surfaces need to be brushed

*NOTE: Toothpaste designed for people contains ingredients that may upset pets’ stomach

Good Chews & Toys for Dogs:

  • Kong or Gumma-Bones -virtually indestructible for most dogs
  • Woof Ball, Beefy Baseball, or other durable rubber balls - great for chasing and chewing
  • Buster Cubes and Activity Balls -Fill these toys with kibble or your puppy's favorite treat
  • Stuffed animals are good but aren't appropriate for very destructive dogs

CAUTION: "Chewies" like rawhides should only be played with under your supervision

We also carry toothbrushes, pet toothpaste (vanilla, poultry, beef & salmon), dental prescription pet foods, rawhides with an enzyme to break down tartar for dogs and soft chews that do the same for cats - we also carry a rinse which is convenient and easy to use for cats or dogs.