Jun 14, 2012

Nadia - former foster cat

Nadia - former foster cat

Hello everyone at Metropolitan Vets in Tacoma!

I hope you remember Nadia, the tuxedo kitty whom my family and I adopted over a year ago. Her new name Maoki (Mao-kee) and she now lives with me in Seattle. She's doing really great and thriving. Still talkative and playful. I love talking "cat" with her. Maoki's favorite past time is to look out my patio door and curl up on my crochet blanket. She is very loving and affectionate! Quick to purr and licks my hands when she wants to be petted. She also greets me every time I come home from work. Such an adorable kitty. Needless to say, I'm so happy that your lovely team took good care of Nadia before she found her forever home with us. I attached some of her photographs in my e-mail. :)

Thanks again!

Best, Stephanie and Maoki